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Convicted Nigerian Fraudster Runs Million Dollar Scam From Prison

A convicted Nigerian scammer has allegedly been involved in a million dollar scam run from inside the Lagos prison housing him.

Hope Olusegun Aroke, who is serving a 24-year jail term at the Kirikiri Maximum Prison, allegedly used accomplices who themselves are being investigated for money laundering and fraud.

Aroke's latest exploits were brought to the attention of Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) after they received "intelligence". In a statement released by the EFCC, it didn't say exactly what Aroke had done this time around, however it did reveal he was able to access internet and a mobile phone inside the prison.

Not only this, he somehow got himself admitted to the Nigeria Police Hospital in Lagos, from where he was able to move to hotels and meet with his wife and children and enjoy a social life, very much like a free man.

The EFCC investigation further revealed that during his time in prison Aroke used a false name to open two bank accounts, buy a property worth US$65,000 and a Lexus car registered in his wife's name. He also had possession of his wife's bank account token, which he allegedly used to transfer funds.

Aroke's association with the EFCC goes back to 2012, when he was arrested by the commission, which stated he was the head of an internet fraud scheme covering two continents. He was convicted on two counts of obtaining money by false pretence, cheque cloning, wire transfer and forgery, and received 12 years for each count. At the time of his arrest numerous items were recovered from his apartment including laptops, an iPad, travel documents and three cars - two Mercedes and a Range Rover. Even while on trial he bought a four bedroom duplex for US$312,000.

The EFCC is in the process of investigating the circumstances surrounding his admission to hospital and those who helped him move between the hospital, hotels and social engagements.

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