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Data of 102 Million Brazillian Mobile Phone Users Leaked

Brazil’s National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) has started an investigation into the data leak of more than 102 million mobile phone users.

The data included names, taxpayer registration numbers, minutes spent on phone calls and other details, including information relating to president Jair Bolsonaro, and is claimed to be from two Brazillian mobile phone operators, Vivo and Claro.

The incident was uncovered on Feb 3 this year by cybersecurity firm Psafe, which at the time was unable to confirm the operators were the source of the leaks (both companies denied the leaks in a statement published in the O Globo newspaper). However, a cybercriminal located outside Brazil claims to have obtained the data (57.2 million Vivo and 45.6 million Claro customers) and was selling it on the dark web.

The newly-formed ANPD is now working with the Federal Police, Psafe and the mobile operators to investigate the matter and lessen the impact of the leak.

If proven true, this leak will be the 2nd major breach out of Brazil this year, after the data of 223 million Brazillians (including some deceased) was leaked in January and sold on the dark web.

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