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Hacked: Essential US Border Security Information

A hacker has infiltrated technology that is an integral part of US border security.

The Register reports that Perceptics, the maker of vehicle license plate readers that identify and track anyone entering the United States, including US citizens, has had its information hacked and made available on the dark web.

On May 23, an individual going by the name Boris Bullet-Dodger told The Register of the hack and provided "a list of files exfiltrated from Perceptics' corporate network" as proof. The files and accompanying directories totalled nearly 65,000 and include business plans, financial figures, and personal information in Microsoft Exchange and Access databases, ERP databases, HR records and Microsoft SQL Server data stores.

A spokesperson for Perceptics confirmed the company was aware that its network had been compromised and that they were working with authorities to investigate, but declined to go into further detail.

It is unknown if 'Boris' sought a ransom for the stolen information.

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