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More Than 1.3 Million Payment Cards Up For Sale on the Dark Web

More than 1.3 million payment cards, with a possible value in excess of US$130 million, are being sold on Joker's Stash, the dark web's largest virtual store for stolen card data.

Because the information is so recent (as of the time of writing), security researchers at Group-IB, who spotted the upload to Joker's Stash, hadn't worked out the source of the breach. What is known is that each card is being sold for $100, potentially earning the criminals a huge payday.

ZDNet reports that the researchers suspect the card details may have come from skimming devices on ATMs or point of sale (PoS) machines, as card info includes data that is found only on a card's magnetic strip. Furthermore, the cards are from numerous banks, which rules out the possibility of a 'one bank' theory.

What has surprised the researchers is the size of the card dump, as most card dumps on Joker's Stash are much smaller and usually include card info from around the world, as opposed to one country (the card dump is becoming known as the 'Indian card dump' because 98% of the cards analyzed so far are from Indian banks).

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