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Serious Vulnerabilities Found in FreeBSD and Linux

Netflix has identified several TCP networking vulnerabilities in FreeBSD and Linux kernels.

According to the Openwall website, "The vulnerabilities specifically relate to the minimum segment size (MSS) and TCP Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) capabilities. The most serious, dubbed “SACK Panic,” allows a remotely-triggered kernel panic on recent Linux kernels. There are patches that address most of these vulnerabilities. If patches can't be applied, certain mitigations will be effective. We recommend that affected parties enact one of (our actions), based on their environment."

Read Openwall's full report, including some patches that address the issue, HERE.

*Reddit has gone into overdrive, with comments like this being bandied about, "So, If I understand correctly, the entire internet is f***ed? Any linux machine with publicly reachable TCP port can be DoS'ed/rebooted."

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