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Shutterstock Domain Blocked by Russian Authorities for Insulting State Symbols

Russia has blocked one of the domains used by stock photo and footage agency, Shutterstock, after it posted content that was considered an "insult to state symbols".

The photo at the centre of the furore, an image of a small Russian flag planted in a pile of faeces, was taken by a Latvian photographer who goes by the name aijaphoto.

In late November a Shutterstock user registered in Germany started a petition calling on Shutterstock to ban aijaphoto's account, stating that it shows "disrespect for the nation" and it is "insulting the national flag of the Russian Federation".

A post on the website Roskomsvoboda, which monitors Internet freedom in Russia, shows that the decision to add the domain to its blacklist was made on November 13 and the site was blocked on November 28.

The ban comes after Russia introduced legislation earlier this year that carries fines for anyone showing "blatant disrespect" for society, the state, government offices, and state symbols.

Shutterstock said it is working with Russian authorities to remedy the issue.

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