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The Week in Cyber Security News, April 6 - 12

01. Broward County Schools district in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been attacked by the Conti ransomware group with a ransomware demand of $40 million.

02. Facebook did not notify the more than 530 million users whose details were obtained through the misuse of a feature before 2019 and recently made public in a database, and does not currently have plans to do so.

03. Networking equipment major Cisco Systems has said it does not plan to fix a critical security vulnerability affecting some of its Small Business routers, instead urging users to replace the devices.

04. Hackers operating from Russia and China targeted France's homeschooling platform, which crashed at the start of a nationwide lockdown last week.

05. The Belgian police says it seized more than 27 tons of cocaine worth €1.4bn (£1.2bn, $1.65bn) from shipments into Antwerp in the past six weeks after defeating the encryption in the Sky ECC chat app to read drug smugglers' messages.

06. More than 500,000 Huawei users have downloaded from the company’s official Android store applications infected with Joker malware that subscribes to premium mobile services.

07. Personal data from more than 500 million LinkedIn users has been posted for sale online in yet another incident of threat actors scraping data from public profiles and slinging it online for potential cybercriminal misuse.

08. Millions of Brits are using their pet's name as their online password, despite it being an easy target for hackers. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said 15% of the population used pets' names, 14% use a family member's name, and 13% pick a notable date.

09. Billions of smartphone owners will soon be authorising payments using facial recognition, with new analysis showing that facial recognition and other biometric authentication technologies will increasingly help to keep mobile payments safe from fraudsters.

10. A Iranian nuclear facility south of Tehran has been hit by cyber-attackers the day after Iran unveiled new equipment to enrich uranium.

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