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The Week in Cyber Security News, June 1 - 7

01. The White House says cyber security incidents at US federal agencies fell to 28,581 incidents in 2019, down 8% from 31,107 in 2018.

02. The "hacktivist" group Anonymous has returned from the shadows, promising to expose the "many crimes" of the Minneapolis police to the world in the wake of George Floyd's death.

03. Hackers gained access to the emergency radio system used by the Chicago Police Department over the weekend of May 30-31 and jammed radio comms with slogans and music, including N.W.A.'s '80s hip-hop track "F*** the Police" and Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain".

04. An Android app that highlights apps of Chinese-origin to help people delete them, has had one million downloads since it was launched in May.

05. A 64-year-old man has admitted his role in an email-based fraud scheme that relied on spoofed email addresses to con two companies out of more than $500,000.

06. A researcher is warning that a WhatsApp feature called “Click to Chat” puts users’ mobile phone numbers at risk — by allowing Google Search to index them for anyone to find.

07. Google is being sued for $5bn in a class action that claims it illegally invades the privacy of users by tracking people even when they are browsing in "private mode".

08. Zoom users are being told to update to the latest version on your Windows, macOS, or Linux computers update to the latest version on your Windows, macOS, or Linux computers, after researchers discovered two critical vulnerabilities that could have allowed attackers to remotely hack into the systems of group chat participants or an individual.

09. MAZE hackers have attacked a US Nuclear contractor and leaked data, including confidential documents, on their website which is accessible to the public on the normal web as well as the dark web.

10. Security researchers have reported a burst of old-school attacks that are after the WordPress configuration data in a default installation of WordPress.

11. UK government has published the contracts it holds with private tech firms such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, and the NHS for the creation of a COVID-19 data store.

12. It's been revealed that state-backed hackers from China have targeted staffers working on the US presidential campaign of Democrat Joe Biden.

13. A fake decryptor for the STOP Djvu Ransomware is being distributed that lures already desperate people with the promise of free decryption.

14. Singapore is developing a wearable device that may be issued to every resident as a way to facilitate contact tracing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, but the move has sparked public outcry.

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