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The Week in Cyber Security News, June 22 - 28

01. Security researchers are warning players of a popular MMO game that over 1.3 million user records, including usernames, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses belonging to players of Stalker Online, are being sold on dark web forums.

02. Hackers are now exploiting Google's Analytics service to stealthily pilfer credit card information from infected e-commerce sites.

03.The info of Twitter's business clients may have been compromised, after billing information of some clients was stored in the browser's cache.

04. Cybercriminals behind recent Sodinokibi ransomware attacks are now scanning their victims’ networks for credit card or point of sale software.

05. Researchers have uncovered a strain of malware called Glupteba that, among other things, uses the Bitcoin blockchain as a communication channel for receiving updated configuration information.

06. Over 1500 researchers have banded together to openly reject the use of technology to predict crime, arguing it would reproduce injustices and cause real harm.

07. A bank in Europe has been the target of a huge distributed DDoS attack that sent to its networking gear a flood of 809 million packets per second.

08. A new version of a known malware campaign aimed at installing cryptominers has changed up its tactics, adding attacks on Windows servers and a new pool of exploits to its bag of tricks.

09. The United States government has filed a superseding indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accusing him of collaborating with computer hackers, including those affiliated with the infamous LulzSec and "Anonymous" hacking groups.

10. It's been revealed during a video presentation at Apple's 2020 Worldwide Developer Conference (virtualized by necessity) that, starting this year, Apple platforms will natively support encrypted DNS.

11. A Russian man has pleaded guilty to being part of a cybercriminal enterprise that caused more than $568 million in losses through identity theft and stolen payment cards.

12. A newly detected threat group has stolen an estimated minimum of $200m from cryptocurrency exchanges in just two years.

13. Apple has declined to implement 16 new web technologies (Web APIs) in Safari, claiming the Web APIs would allow online advertisers and data analytics firms to create scripts that fingerprint users and their devices.

14. Lucifer malware infects Windows & launch DDoS attack using NSA exploits, while also mining Monero cryptocurrency on infected devices.

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