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The Week in Cyber Security News, Nov. 30 - Dec. 6

01. Suspected North Korean hackers have tried to break into the systems of drugmaker AstraZeneca in recent weeks, by posing as LinkedIn and WhatsApp recruiters to approach staff with fake job offers.

02. Vietnamese government-backed hackers imitating Chinese groups have been recently spotted deploying cryptocurrency-mining malware alongside their regular cyber-espionage toolkits.

03. The Magecart gang has come up with a new credit-card skimming technique for hijacking PayPal transactions during checkout, using postMessage to inject convincing PayPal iframes into the checkout process of an online purchase.

04. A botnet known as DarkIRC is actively targeting thousands of exposed Oracle WebLogic servers in attacks designed to exploit the CVE-2020-14882 remote code execution vulnerability fixed by Oracle two months ago.

05. A Google Project Zero researcher has shown how it's possible for an attacker to break into a nearby iPhone and steal personal data, using wireless connections only, and with no clicks needed by, or warnings shown to, the user of the device.

06. Attackers steal protected health information and personally identifiable information of nearly 300,000 patients of US mental healthcare provider.

07. For at least the third time in its existence, OGUsers — a forum overrun with people looking to buy, sell and trade access to compromised social media accounts — has been hacked.

08. US department store Kmart has suffered a ransomware attack by the Egregor ransomware operation that encrypted devices and servers on the network.

09. An unidentified group of malicious attackers have impersonated a so-called "cold chain" company involved in COVID-19 vaccine distribution networks then targeted an EU governmental agency.

10. The malicious software known as TrickBot has morphed again, this time with a module that probes booting process firmware for vulnerabilities, possibly setting the stage for attacks that could ultimately destroy devices.

11. Verizon struggled to fix a glitch that leaked customers’ addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, and other personal information through a chat system that helps prospective subscribers figure out if Fios services are available in their location.

12. A food bank in the US state of Philadelphia has ended up out of pocket after scammers successfully tricked it out of almost one million dollars.

13. Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details of a previously undiscovered in-memory Windows backdoor developed by a hacker-for-hire operation that can execute remotely malicious code and steal sensitive information from its targets.

14. It's been revealed that hackers are hiding skimming malware behind icons from top networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Pinterest.


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