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The Week in Cyber Security News, Sept. 7 - 13

01.The State Bank of Chile (Banco Estado), the third largest bank in Chile and its only public bank, has shut all its branches after a ransomware attack.

02.Report shows that hacked email accounts of staff working for an Australian state government agency resulted in the data of 186,000 customers, amounting to 738GB of data comprising of 3.8million documents, being stolen.

03.Research shows that of the 32% of Brits provided with a corporate desktop computer, only three quarters have adequate anti-virus or cybersecurity software installed.

04.India's most popular shopping app has sent a 'seize and desist' notice to a US cybersecurity startup, demanding it stops claiming the app's database has been hacked.

05.A cybercrime group that has previously struck Docker and Kubernetes cloud environments has evolved to repurpose genuine cloud monitoring tools as a backdoor to carry out malicious attacks.

06.A Swiss federal commissioner announced Tuesday that a US-Swiss program aimed to protect personal information exchanged between the two countries doesn't go far enough, and has downgraded the United States to rank it as a country deemed to have inadequate data protection.

07.Hackers from China and Iran are targeting people working on the 2020 election campaigns of both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, while the same Russian military hackers who interfered with the 2016 Democratic campaign are also involved.

08.Multibillion-dollar data center company, Equinix, has been struck by a ransomware incident that affects its internal computer systems.

09.A report claims that 21 of the UK’s top 100 charities, including the British Heart Foundation, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and Amnesty International, have shared web visitors’ data with adtech companies.

10.A group of hackers have compromised cryptocurrency exchange Eterbase and raided six hot wallets to steal $5.4 million in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tezos, Algorand, and TRON.

11.Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has suffered a data leak of around 100,000 people who purchased items from their online store.

12.More than 100,000 WordPress websites are affected by a high-severity flaw in a plugin that assists websites in sending out emails and newsletters to subscribers.

13.A researcher has kept a major Bitcoin bug secret for two years in order to prevent attacks. The INVDoS bug would have allowed attackers to crash Bitcoin nodes and other similar blockchains.

14.A group of researchers have made a tool that lets blocked websites do the effort of evading censorship filters themself without you having to intervene.


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