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White-Hat Group Doxes Hackers With Links to Chinese Government

The anonymous white-hat group, Intrusion Truth, have doxed more cyber-espionage hackers with links to the Chinese Government.

This time, it's three figures believed to be members of a group known as APT17, which, in the early part of this decade was involved in a series of cyber attacks targeting organisations (including government agencies) around the world.

Those doxed were two hackers, who were believed to be working for companies run by a man (also doxed) who is thought to be an officer of the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS). According to Intrusion Truth, all three allegedly acted as contractors for the Jinan bureau of the MSS.

The involvement of the MSS in such activities may seem concerning but it isn't, in light of Intrusion Truth's May 2017 findings that another group of hackers they doxed - APT3 - was, in fact a company that acted a contractor for the Chinese Ministry of State Security. Many found this hard to believe, until it was independently confirmed by cyber-security company, Recorded Future.

Intrusion Truth has a history of doxing cyber-espionage groups, after revealing the identities of those involved in not only APT3, but APT10 (August 2018). The result of these two 'reveals' was the indictment - by the US Department of Justice - of several members of these two groups.

Everyone is now wondering if the Department of Justice will follow through on these indictments.

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