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First published: Thu Jun 25 2020(Updated: )

VMware ESXi (6.7 before ESXi670-201904101-SG and 6.5 before ESXi650-201907101-SG), Workstation (15.x before 15.0.2), and Fusion (11.x before 11.0.2) contain a heap overflow vulnerability in the vmxnet3 virtual network adapter. A malicious actor with local access to a virtual machine with a vmxnet3 network adapter present may be able to read privileged information contained in physical memory.


Affected SoftwareAffected VersionHow to fix
VMware Cloud Foundation>=3.0<3.7.2
VMware Fusion>=11.0.0<11.0.2
VMware Workstation>=15.0.0<15.0.2
VMware ESXi=6.5
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201701001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201703001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201703002
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201704001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707101
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707102
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707103
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707201
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707202
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707203
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707204
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707205
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707206
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707207
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707208
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707209
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707210
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707211
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707212
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707213
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707214
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707215
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707216
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707217
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707218
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707219
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707220
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201707221
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201710001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201712001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201803001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201806001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201808001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201810001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201810002
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201811001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201811002
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201811301
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201901001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201903001
VMware ESXi=6.5-650-201905001
VMware ESXi=6.7
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201806001
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201807001
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201808001
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810001
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810101
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810102
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810103
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810201
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810202
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810203
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810204
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810205
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810206
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810207
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810208
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810209
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810210
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810211
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810212
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810213
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810214
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810215
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810216
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810217
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810218
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810219
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810220
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810221
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810222
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810223
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810224
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810225
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810226
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810227
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810228
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810229
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810230
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810231
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810232
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810233
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201810234
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201811001
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201901001
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201901401
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201901402
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201901403
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201903001
VMware ESXi=6.7-670-201904001

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