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First published: Tue May 09 2023(Updated: )

Failure to validate the length fields of the ASP (AMD Secure Processor) sensor fusion hub headers may allow an attacker with a malicious Uapp or ABL to map the ASP sensor fusion hub region and overwrite data structures leading to a potential loss of confidentiality and integrity.


Affected SoftwareAffected VersionHow to fix
Amd Ryzen 6600h Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6600h
Amd Ryzen 6600hs Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6600hs
Amd Ryzen 6600u Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6600u
Amd Ryzen 6800h Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6800h
Amd Ryzen 6800hs Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6800hs
Amd Ryzen 6800u Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6800u
Amd Ryzen 6900hs Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6900hs
Amd Ryzen 6900hx Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6900hx
Amd Ryzen 6980hs Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6980hs
Amd Ryzen 6980hx Firmware=rembrandtpi-fp7_1.0.0.5
Amd Ryzen 6980hx
Amd Ryzen 5300g Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5300g
Amd Ryzen 5300ge Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5300ge
Amd Ryzen 5500 Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5500
Amd Ryzen 5600 Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5600
Amd Ryzen 5600g Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5600g
Amd Ryzen 5600ge Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5600ge
Amd Ryzen 5600x Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5600x
Amd Ryzen 5700g Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5700g
Amd Ryzen 5700ge Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5700ge
Amd Ryzen 5700x Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5700x
Amd Ryzen 5800 Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5800
Amd Ryzen 5800x3d Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5800x3d
Amd Ryzen 5800x Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5800x
Amd Ryzen 5900 Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5900
Amd Ryzen 5900x Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5900x
Amd Ryzen 5945wx Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5945wx
Amd Ryzen 5950x Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5950x
Amd Ryzen 5955wx Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5955wx
Amd Ryzen 5965wx Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5965wx
Amd Ryzen 5975wx Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5975wx
Amd Ryzen 5995wx Firmware=cezannepi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5995wx
Amd Ryzen 3100 Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3100
Amd Ryzen 3100 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3100 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3100 Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3100 Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3300x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3300x
Amd Ryzen 3300x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3300x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3300x Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3300x Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3500 Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3500
Amd Ryzen 3500 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3500 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3500 Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3500 Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3500x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3500x
Amd Ryzen 3500x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3500x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3500x Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3500x Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3600 Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3600
Amd Ryzen 3600 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3600 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3600 Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3600 Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3600x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3600x
Amd Ryzen 3600x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3600x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3600x Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3600x Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3600xt Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3600xt
Amd Ryzen 3600xt Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3600xt Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3600xt Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3600xt Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3800x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3800x
Amd Ryzen 3800x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3800x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3800x Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3800x Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3800xt Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3800xt
Amd Ryzen 3800xt Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3800xt Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3800xt Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3800xt Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3900 Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3900
Amd Ryzen 3900 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3900 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3900 Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3900 Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3900x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3900x
Amd Ryzen 3900x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3900x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3900x Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3900x Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3900xt Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3900xt
Amd Ryzen 3900xt Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3900xt Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3900xt Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3900xt Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3950x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 3950x
Amd Ryzen 3950x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.5
Amd Ryzen 3950x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 3950x Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Ryzen 3950x Firmware=renoirpi-fp6_1.0.0.8
Amd Ryzen 1200 \(af\) Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 1200 \(af\)
Amd Ryzen 1200 \(af\) Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 1200 \(af\) Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 1200 \(af\) Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 1600 \(af\) Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 1600 \(af\)
Amd Ryzen 1600 \(af\) Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 1600 \(af\) Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 1600 \(af\) Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2200g Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2200g
Amd Ryzen 2200g Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2200g Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2200g Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2200ge Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2200ge
Amd Ryzen 2200ge Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2200ge Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2200ge Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2300x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2300x
Amd Ryzen 2300x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2300x Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2300x Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2400g Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2400g
Amd Ryzen 2400g Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2400g Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2400g Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2400ge Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2400ge
Amd Ryzen 2400ge Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2400ge Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2400ge Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2500x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2500x
Amd Ryzen 2500x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2500x Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2500x Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2600 Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2600
Amd Ryzen 2600 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2600 Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2600 Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2600e Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2600e
Amd Ryzen 2600e Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2600e Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2600e Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2600x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2600x
Amd Ryzen 2600x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2600x Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2600x Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2700 Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2700
Amd Ryzen 2700 Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2700 Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2700 Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2700e Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2700e
Amd Ryzen 2700e Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2700e Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2700e Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2700x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2700x
Amd Ryzen 2700x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2700x Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2700x Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2920x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2920x
Amd Ryzen 2920x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2920x Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2920x Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2950x Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2950x
Amd Ryzen 2950x Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2950x Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2950x Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2970wx Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2970wx
Amd Ryzen 2970wx Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2970wx Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2970wx Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen 2990wx Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen 2990wx
Amd Ryzen 2990wx Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 2990wx Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen 2990wx Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Ryzen Pro 2100ge Firmware=comboam4pi_1.0.0.9
Amd Ryzen Pro 2100ge
Amd Ryzen Pro 2100ge Firmware=comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen Pro 2100ge Firmware=pinnaclepi-am4_1.0.0.d
Amd Ryzen Pro 2100ge Firmware=raven-fp5-am4_1.1.0.f
Amd Athlon Gold 3150g Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Athlon Gold 3150g
Amd Athlon Gold 3150g Firmware=pollockpi-ft5_1.0.0.4
Amd Athlon Gold 3150ge Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Athlon Gold 3150ge
Amd Athlon Gold 3150ge Firmware=pollockpi-ft5_1.0.0.4
Amd Athlon Silver 3050ge Firmware=picassopi-fp5_1.0.0.e
Amd Athlon Silver 3050ge
Amd Athlon Silver 3050ge Firmware=pollockpi-ft5_1.0.0.4

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