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First published: Fri Aug 11 2023(Updated: )

Improper access control in the Intel(R) CSME software installer before version 2239.3.7.0 may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable escalation of privilege via local access.

Credit: secure@intel.com secure@intel.com

Affected SoftwareAffected VersionHow to fix
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<11.12.94
Intel C232
Intel C236
Intel C420
Intel C422
Intel Cm236
Intel Cm238
Intel X299
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<11.8.94
Intel B150
Intel B250
Intel Core I3-8100
Intel Core I3-8100b
Intel Core I3-8100h
Intel Core I3-8100t
Intel Core I3-8109u
Intel Core I3-8130u
Intel Core I3-8140u
Intel Core I3-8145u
Intel Core I3-8145ue
Intel Core I3-8300
Intel Core I3-8300t
Intel Core I3-8350k
Intel Core I5-8200y
Intel Core I5-8210y
Intel Core I5-8250u
Intel Core I5-8257u
Intel Core I5-8259u
Intel Core I5-8260u
Intel Core I5-8265u
Intel Core I5-8269u
Intel Core I5-8279u
Intel Core I5-8300h
Intel Core I5-8305g
Intel Core I5-8310y
Intel Core I5-8350u
Intel Core I5-8365u
Intel Core I5-8365ue
Intel Core I5-8400
Intel Core I5-8400b
Intel Core I5-8400h
Intel Core I5-8400t
Intel Core I5-8500
Intel Core I5-8500b
Intel Core I5-8500t
Intel Core I5-8600
Intel Core I5-8600k
Intel Core I5-8600t
Intel Core I7\+8700
Intel Core I7-8086k
Intel Core I7-8500y
Intel Core I7-8550u
Intel Core I7-8557u
Intel Core I7-8559u
Intel Core I7-8565u
Intel Core I7-8569u
Intel Core I7-8650u
Intel Core I7-8665u
Intel Core I7-8665ue
Intel Core I7-8700
Intel Core I7-8700b
Intel Core I7-8700k
Intel Core I7-8700t
Intel Core I7-8705g
Intel Core I7-8706g
Intel Core I7-8709g
Intel Core I7-8750h
Intel Core I7-8809g
Intel Core I7-8850h
Intel Core I9-8950hk
Intel Core M3-8100y
Intel H110
Intel H170
Intel H270
Intel Hm170
Intel Hm175
Intel Q150
Intel Q170
Intel Q250
Intel Q270
Intel Qm170
Intel Qm175
Intel Z170
Intel Z270
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<12.0.93
Intel B360
Intel B365
Intel C242
Intel C246
Intel Celeron 4205u
Intel Celeron 4305u
Intel Celeron 4305ue
Intel Cm246
Intel H310
Intel H370
Intel Hm370
Intel Pentium Gold 5405u
Intel Q370
Intel Qm370
Intel Z370
Intel Z390
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<14.1.70
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware>=14.5.0<14.5.50
Intel B460
Intel H410
Intel H420e
Intel H470
Intel Hm470
Intel Q470
Intel Q470e
Intel Qm480
Intel W480
Intel W480e
Intel Wm490
Intel Z490
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<15.0.45
Intel Atom X6200fe
Intel Atom X6211e
Intel Atom X6212re
Intel Atom X6214re
Intel Atom X6413e
Intel Atom X6414re
Intel Atom X6416re
Intel Atom X6425e
Intel Atom X6425re
Intel Atom X6427fe
Intel B560
Intel C252
Intel C256
Intel Celeron J1750
Intel Celeron J1800
Intel Celeron J1850
Intel Celeron J1900
Intel Celeron J3060
Intel Celeron J3160
Intel Celeron J3355
Intel Celeron J3355e
Intel Celeron J3455
Intel Celeron J3455e
Intel Celeron J4005
Intel Celeron J4025
Intel Celeron J4105
Intel Celeron J4125
Intel Celeron J6412
Intel Celeron J6413
Intel Celeron N2805
Intel Celeron N2806
Intel Celeron N2807
Intel Celeron N2808
Intel Celeron N2810
Intel Celeron N2815
Intel Celeron N2820
Intel Celeron N2830
Intel Celeron N2840
Intel Celeron N2910
Intel Celeron N2920
Intel Celeron N2930
Intel Celeron N2940
Intel Celeron N3000
Intel Celeron N3010
Intel Celeron N3050
Intel Celeron N3060
Intel Celeron N3150
Intel Celeron N3160
Intel Celeron N3350
Intel Celeron N3350e
Intel Celeron N3450
Intel Celeron N4000
Intel Celeron N4020
Intel Celeron N4100
Intel Celeron N4120
Intel Celeron N4500
Intel Celeron N4505
Intel Celeron N5100
Intel Celeron N5105
Intel Celeron N6210
Intel Celeron N6211
Intel H510
Intel H570
Intel Hm570
Intel Hm570e
Intel Pentium J2850
Intel Pentium J2900
Intel Pentium J3710
Intel Pentium J4205
Intel Pentium J6426
Intel Pentium N3510
Intel Pentium N3520
Intel Pentium N3530
Intel Pentium N3540
Intel Pentium N3700
Intel Pentium N3710
Intel Pentium N4200
Intel Pentium N4200e
Intel Pentium N6415
Intel Q570
Intel Qm580
Intel Qm580e
Intel Rm590e
Intel W580
Intel Wm590
Intel Z590
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<16.1.27
Intel B660
Intel H610
Intel H610e
Intel H670
Intel Hm670
Intel Q670
Intel Q670e
Intel R680e
Intel W680
Intel Wm690
Intel Z690
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<13.50.25
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<13.30.35
Intel Core I3-l13g4
Intel Core I5-l16g7
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<13.0.65
Intel Core I3-1000g1
Intel Core I3-1000g4
Intel Core I3-1005g1
Intel Core I3-10100
Intel Core I3-10100e
Intel Core I3-10100f
Intel Core I3-10100t
Intel Core I3-10100te
Intel Core I3-10100y
Intel Core I3-10105
Intel Core I3-10105f
Intel Core I3-10105t
Intel Core I3-10110u
Intel Core I3-10110y
Intel Core I3-10300
Intel Core I3-10300t
Intel Core I3-10305
Intel Core I3-10305t
Intel Core I3-10320
Intel Core I3-10325
Intel Core I5-10200h
Intel Core I5-10210u
Intel Core I5-10210y
Intel Core I5-10300h
Intel Core I5-1030g4
Intel Core I5-1030g7
Intel Core I5-10310u
Intel Core I5-10310y
Intel Core I5-1035g1
Intel Core I5-1035g4
Intel Core I5-1035g7
Intel Core I5-1038ng7
Intel Core I5-10400
Intel Core I5-10400f
Intel Core I5-10400h
Intel Core I5-10400t
Intel Core I5-10500
Intel Core I5-10500e
Intel Core I5-10500h
Intel Core I5-10500t
Intel Core I5-10500te
Intel Core I5-10505
Intel Core I5-10600
Intel Core I5-10600k
Intel Core I5-10600kf
Intel Core I5-10600t
Intel Core I7-10510u
Intel Core I7-10510y
Intel Core I7-1060g7
Intel Core I7-10610u
Intel Core I7-1065g7
Intel Core I7-1068ng7
Intel Core I7-10700
Intel Core I7-10700e
Intel Core I7-10700f
Intel Core I7-10700k
Intel Core I7-10700kf
Intel Core I7-10700t
Intel Core I7-10700te
Intel Core I7-10710u
Intel Core I7-10750h
Intel Core I7-10810u
Intel Core I7-10850h
Intel Core I7-10870h
Intel Core I7-10875h
Intel Core I9-10850k
Intel Core I9-10885h
Intel Core I9-10900
Intel Core I9-10900e
Intel Core I9-10900f
Intel Core I9-10900k
Intel Core I9-10900kf
Intel Core I9-10900t
Intel Core I9-10900te
Intel Core I9-10980hk
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<11.22.94
Intel Xeon Bronze 3104
Intel Xeon Bronze 3106
Intel Xeon Bronze 3204
Intel Xeon Bronze 3206r
Intel Xeon Gold 5115
Intel Xeon Gold 5118
Intel Xeon Gold 5119t
Intel Xeon Gold 5120
Intel Xeon Gold 5120t
Intel Xeon Gold 5122
Intel Xeon Gold 5215
Intel Xeon Gold 5215l
Intel Xeon Gold 5217
Intel Xeon Gold 5218
Intel Xeon Gold 5218b
Intel Xeon Gold 5218n
Intel Xeon Gold 5218r
Intel Xeon Gold 5218t
Intel Xeon Gold 5220
Intel Xeon Gold 5220r
Intel Xeon Gold 5220s
Intel Xeon Gold 5220t
Intel Xeon Gold 5222
Intel Xeon Gold 6126
Intel Xeon Gold 6126f
Intel Xeon Gold 6126t
Intel Xeon Gold 6128
Intel Xeon Gold 6130
Intel Xeon Gold 6130f
Intel Xeon Gold 6130t
Intel Xeon Gold 6132
Intel Xeon Gold 6134
Intel Xeon Gold 6136
Intel Xeon Gold 6138
Intel Xeon Gold 6138f
Intel Xeon Gold 6138p
Intel Xeon Gold 6138t
Intel Xeon Gold 6140
Intel Xeon Gold 6142
Intel Xeon Gold 6142f
Intel Xeon Gold 6144
Intel Xeon Gold 6146
Intel Xeon Gold 6148
Intel Xeon Gold 6148f
Intel Xeon Gold 6150
Intel Xeon Gold 6152
Intel Xeon Gold 6154
Intel Xeon Gold 6208u
Intel Xeon Gold 6209u
Intel Xeon Gold 6210u
Intel Xeon Gold 6212u
Intel Xeon Gold 6222v
Intel Xeon Gold 6226
Intel Xeon Gold 6226r
Intel Xeon Gold 6230
Intel Xeon Gold 6230n
Intel Xeon Gold 6230r
Intel Xeon Gold 6230t
Intel Xeon Gold 6234
Intel Xeon Gold 6238
Intel Xeon Gold 6238l
Intel Xeon Gold 6238r
Intel Xeon Gold 6238t
Intel Xeon Gold 6240
Intel Xeon Gold 6240l
Intel Xeon Gold 6240r
Intel Xeon Gold 6240y
Intel Xeon Gold 6242
Intel Xeon Gold 6242r
Intel Xeon Gold 6244
Intel Xeon Gold 6246
Intel Xeon Gold 6246r
Intel Xeon Gold 6248
Intel Xeon Gold 6248r
Intel Xeon Gold 6250
Intel Xeon Gold 6250l
Intel Xeon Gold 6252
Intel Xeon Gold 6252n
Intel Xeon Gold 6254
Intel Xeon Gold 6256
Intel Xeon Gold 6258r
Intel Xeon Gold 6262v
Intel Xeon Platinum 8153
Intel Xeon Platinum 8156
Intel Xeon Platinum 8158
Intel Xeon Platinum 8160
Intel Xeon Platinum 8160f
Intel Xeon Platinum 8160t
Intel Xeon Platinum 8164
Intel Xeon Platinum 8168
Intel Xeon Platinum 8170
Intel Xeon Platinum 8176
Intel Xeon Platinum 8176f
Intel Xeon Platinum 8180
Intel Xeon Platinum 8253
Intel Xeon Platinum 8256
Intel Xeon Platinum 8260
Intel Xeon Platinum 8260l
Intel Xeon Platinum 8260y
Intel Xeon Platinum 8268
Intel Xeon Platinum 8270
Intel Xeon Platinum 8276
Intel Xeon Platinum 8276l
Intel Xeon Platinum 8280
Intel Xeon Platinum 8280l
Intel Xeon Platinum 9221
Intel Xeon Platinum 9222
Intel Xeon Platinum 9242
Intel Xeon Platinum 9282
Intel Xeon Silver 4108
Intel Xeon Silver 4109t
Intel Xeon Silver 4110
Intel Xeon Silver 4112
Intel Xeon Silver 4114
Intel Xeon Silver 4114t
Intel Xeon Silver 4116
Intel Xeon Silver 4116t
Intel Xeon Silver 4208
Intel Xeon Silver 4209t
Intel Xeon Silver 4210
Intel Xeon Silver 4210r
Intel Xeon Silver 4210t
Intel Xeon Silver 4214
Intel Xeon Silver 4214r
Intel Xeon Silver 4214y
Intel Xeon Silver 4215
Intel Xeon Silver 4215r
Intel Xeon Silver 4216
Intel Xeon W-3175x
Intel Xeon W-3223
Intel Xeon W-3225
Intel Xeon W-3235
Intel Xeon W-3245
Intel Xeon W-3245m
Intel Xeon W-3265
Intel Xeon W-3265m
Intel Xeon W-3275
Intel Xeon W-3275m
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<4.0.48
Intel Celeron N5095
Intel Pentium Silver J5005
Intel Pentium Silver J5040
Intel Converged Security Management Engine Firmware<3.1.94
Intel Atom X5-e3930
Intel Atom X5-e3940
Intel Atom X7-e3950
Intel Celeron N3520
Intel Celeron N3700

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