Severity: critical (9.8)

First published: Wed Sep 13 2023

Last modified: Tue Sep 19 2023

CWE: 119 787

A heap buffer overflow vulnerability in Wibu CodeMeter Runtime network service up to version 7.60b allows an unauthenticated, remote attacker to achieve RCE and gain full access of the host system.

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    • What is the vulnerability ID for this heap buffer overflow vulnerability?

      The vulnerability ID for this heap buffer overflow vulnerability is CVE-2023-3935.

    • What is the severity of CVE-2023-3935?

      CVE-2023-3935 has a severity score of 9.8, which is considered critical.

    • How does CVE-2023-3935 impact Wibu CodeMeter Runtime network service?

      CVE-2023-3935 allows an unauthenticated, remote attacker to achieve remote code execution (RCE) and gain full access to the host system.

    • Which software versions are affected by CVE-2023-3935?

      The following software versions are affected by CVE-2023-3935: Wibu CodeMeter Runtime up to version 7.60b, Trumpf Oseon up to version 3.0.22, Trumpf ProgrammingTube up to version 4.6.3, Trumpf TecZone Bend up to version 23.06.01, Trumpf Tops Unfold version, Trumpf TopsCalculation up to version 22.00.00, Trumpf TrumpfLicenseExpert up to version 1.11.1, Trumpf TruTops up to version, Trumpf TruTops Cell Classic up to version 09.09.02, Trumpf TruTops Cell SW48 up to version 02.26.0, Trumpf TruTops Mark 3D up to version 06.01, Trumpf TruTopsBoost up to version 16.0.22, Trumpf TruTopsFab up to version 22.8.25, Trumpf TruTopsFab Storage SmallStore up to version, Trumpf TruTopsPrint up to version 01.00, Trumpf TruTopsPrintMultilaserAssistant starting from version 01.02, Trumpf TruTopsWeld up to version 9.0.28148.1, and Trumpf TubeDesign up to version 14.06.150.

    • Where can I find more information about CVE-2023-3935?

      You can find more information about CVE-2023-3935 at the following references: [link1], [link2], [link3].

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