Latest amd epyc embedded 7351 firmware Vulnerabilities

When SMT is enabled, certain AMD processors may speculatively execute instructions using a target from the sibling thread after an SMT mode switch potentially resulting in information disclosure.
and 810 more
An attacker with access to a malicious hypervisor may be able to infer data values used in a SEV guest on AMD CPUs by monitoring ciphertext values over time.
Amd Epyc 7001 Firmware
Amd Epyc 7001
Amd Epyc 7002 Firmware
Amd Epyc 7002
Amd Epyc 7003 Firmware
Amd Epyc 7003
and 192 more
AMD EPYC™ Processors contain an information disclosure vulnerability in the Secure Encrypted Virtualization with Encrypted State (SEV-ES) and Secure Encrypted Virtualization with Secure Nested Paging ...
Amd Epyc 7763 Firmware<milanpi-sp3_1.0.0.5
Amd Epyc 7763
Amd Epyc 7713p Firmware<milanpi-sp3_1.0.0.5
Amd Epyc 7713p
Amd Epyc 7713 Firmware<milanpi-sp3_1.0.0.5
Amd Epyc 7713
and 208 more
A malicious hypervisor in conjunction with an unprivileged attacker process inside an SEV/SEV-ES guest VM may fail to flush the Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) resulting in unexpected behavior insi...
Amd Epyc 7001 Firmware
Amd Epyc 7001
Amd Epyc 7232p Firmware
Amd Epyc 7232p
Amd Epyc 7251 Firmware
Amd Epyc 7251
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