Latest amd ryzen 7 7800x3d Vulnerabilities

GPU kernel implementations susceptible to memory leak
Apple GPU drivers
Qualcomm GPU drivers
AMD GPU drivers
Imagination GPU drivers
Khronos Opencl<=3.0.11
Khronos Vulkan<=1.3.224
and 259 more
Improper input validation in the SMM Supervisor may allow an attacker with a compromised SMI handler to gain Ring0 access potentially leading to arbitrary code execution.
Amd Ryzen 7 5700g Firmware<comboam4v2_1.2.0.b
Amd Ryzen 7 5700g
Amd Ryzen 7 5700ge Firmware<comboam4v2_1.2.0.b
Amd Ryzen 7 5700ge
Amd Ryzen 5 5600g Firmware<comboam4v2_1.2.0.b
Amd Ryzen 5 5600g
and 122 more
Insufficient validation of SPI flash addresses in the ASP (AMD Secure Processor) bootloader may allow an attacker to read data in memory mapped beyond SPI flash resulting in a potential loss of availa...
Amd Ryzen 7 5700g Firmware<comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 7 5700g
Amd Ryzen 7 5700ge Firmware<comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 7 5700ge
Amd Ryzen 5 5600g Firmware<comboam4v2_pi_1.2.0.8
Amd Ryzen 5 5600g
and 116 more
A stack buffer overflow vulnerability discovered in AsfSecureBootDxe in Insyde InsydeH2O with kernel 5.0 through 5.5 allows attackers to run arbitrary code execution during the DXE phase.
Insyde InsydeH2O=
Intel B760
Intel C262
Intel C266
Intel Core I3-1305u
Intel Core I3-13100
and 283 more
An improper privilege management in the AMD Radeon™ Graphics driver may allow an authenticated attacker to craft an IOCTL request to gain I/O control over arbitrary hardware ports or physical addre...
AMD Radeon Software<23.9.2
Amd Radeon Rx 5300
Amd Radeon Rx 5300 Xt
Amd Radeon Rx 5300m
Amd Radeon Rx 5500
Amd Radeon Rx 5500 Xt
and 102 more
Insufficient input validation in CpmDisplayFeatureSmm may allow an attacker to corrupt SMM memory by overwriting an arbitrary bit in an attacker-controlled pointer potentially leading to arbitrary cod...
Amd Ryzen 3 3300 Firmware<comboam4_pi_v1_1.0.0.a
Amd Ryzen 3 3300
Amd Ryzen 3 3300x Firmware<comboam4_pi_v1_1.0.0.a
Amd Ryzen 3 3300x
Amd Ryzen 5 3600 Firmware<comboam4_pi_v1_1.0.0.a
Amd Ryzen 5 3600
and 245 more
Xen Security Advisory 434 v1 (CVE-2023-20569) - x86/AMD: Speculative Return Stack Overflow
Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows 10=1809
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows 11=21H2
Microsoft Windows 10=22H2
and 750 more


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