Latest Yiiframework Vulnerabilities

yii2-authclient vulnerable to possible timing attack on string comparison in OAuth1, OAuth2 and OpenID Connect implementation
Yiiframework Yii2-authclient<2.2.15
The Oauth2 PKCE implementation is vulnerable
Yiiframework Yii2-authclient<2.2.15
Unsafe deserialization of user data in yiisoft/yii
Yiiframework Yii<1.1.29
** DISPUTED ** Yii 2 v2.0.45 was discovered to contain a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability via the endpoint /books. NOTE: this is disputed by the vendor because the cve-2022-31454-8e8555c31fd3 ...
Yiiframework Yii=2.0.45
## Withdrawn Advisory This advisory has been withdrawn because the issue originates from a product built on Yii2, not the Yii2 Framework itself. This link is maintained to preserve external references...
Yiiframework Yii>=2.0.0<=2.0.47
`yiisoft/yii` before version 1.1.27 are vulnerable to Remote Code Execution (RCE) if the application calls `unserialize()` on arbitrary user input. This has been patched in 1.1.27.
Yiiframework Yii<1.1.27
yii2 is vulnerable to Use of Predictable Algorithm in Random Number Generator
Yiiframework Yii>=2.0.0<2.0.43
### Impact Remote code execution in case application calls `unserialize()` on user input containing specially crafted string. ### Patches 2.0.38 ### Workarounds Add the following to BatchQueryRes...
Yiiframework Yii<2.0.38
Yii 2.x through actively converts a wildcard CORS policy into reflecting an arbitrary Origin header value, which is incompatible with the CORS security design, and could lead to CORS misconfi...
Yiiframework Yii>=2.0<=
Potential remote code execution in LUA context of the redis server via methods `yii\redis\ActiveRecord::findOne()` and `::findAll()`
Yiiframework Yii<2.0.15
Possibility of manipulated condition when unfiltered input is passed to `yii\elasticsearch\ActiveRecord::findOne()` and `::findAll()`
Yiiframework Yii>=2.0.0<2.0.15
Potential SQL injection in methods `yii\db\ActiveRecord::findOne()` and `::findAll()`
Yiiframework Yii>=2.0.0<2.0.15


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